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About Alan Atha


Alan P. Atha NCARB is the Principal Architect of Sole Architecture LLC. He is graduate of Hampden-Sydney College and the University of Kansas School of Architecture and is currently registered as a licensed Professional Architect in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

For over 25 years, he served as Principal Architect of Atha Architecture PC in Kansas City. There he completed over 1000 projects nationwide for a variety of private and public clients in the retail, commercial office, corporate, industrial, and historic marketplace.

In 2010, he began to practice as Principal of National Building Corporation (NBC), a Sole Architect Practice, specializing in Building Inspection and Forensic Architecture.

Mr. Atha’s professional interest lies in Sole Architect Practice. As a professional contributor, he has given numerous lectures on Sole Architect Practice. His experience as a sole practitioner has led him to author Fundamentals of Sole Architect Practice (Amazon Publishing).

Our Process 

The project methodology for the recycling of a building is a five-step process from the identification of a suitable building through final occupancy. 
Step 1: Identification
Identifying a building and neighborhood for reuse based upon economic, social and environmental conditions. Applicable zoning and building codes verified.
Step 2: Building Condition Assessment
Overall assessment of the condition of the existing building. Historical elements to be salvaged and restored are identified.
Step 3: Detailed Study of Structure
A thorough structural, mechanical, and architectural inspection of the building. Each component is inspected by professional engineers and consultants.
Step 4: Design and Pricing Phase
Utilizing Brand Architecture elements into the design of the building. Cost estimates are generated to verify compliance with budgets.
Step 5: Construction Phase
Installation of all specified materials and systems and the monitoring of the construction progress.


As an Architect

I do not work for clients. I work with them.

I must be sensitive to my client’s needs, wants and budget as I guide them through the building recycling process. An interactive process where both large and small solutions are generated, evaluated, and detailed. Where solutions are accepted or rejected, not by the architect alone, but by the client and architect together.

I have learned that technology and building techniques are necessary and that I must be aware of the ones we already have, and those new ones we need. I acknowledge that good architecture is  good building …. plus!
— Alan Atha

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of Sole Architecture centers on brand architecture.

Each project utilizes brand architecture to incorporate distinctive and easily recognizable architectural features into the end-product.

The goal is to provide the client with a fully functional building consisting of architectural elements that clearly defines the image of the clients’ brand.

Exterior branding design elements emphasized include entrances, exterior materials, fenestration and signage. Interior architectural branding features are designed to create a unique and memorable experience for the end user and their patrons.
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